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Pure Analog Mastering
Years of research and experience have led us to a create a new and utterly musical analog mastering process, which we call Pure Analog.
The signal path is “all discrete” and mostly semiconductorless.
That´s how we achieve a full and specific acoustic pattern, comparable to the immediate fascination of good vinyl sound - a focused and effortless listening experience.
As of now part of Online Analog and Premium Mastering.

Stem Mastering
Our Stem Mastering and Analog Mixdown support the format of Traktor Remix Sets.
For labels and artists this embodies a new possibility of monetization.

iTunes Mastering
Besides higher audio quality, Apple promises better search results in the iTunes Store.
We´re officially certified by Apple.

Pure Analog Mastering / Direct Tape To Disk Cutting
A pure analog signal path from mix to tape to vinyl – no digital conversion and preview tape playback during the vinyl cut.
Incl. whiteband-editing and tape material.

Artist App
Native iPhone App with many diverse functions.
Including: FanFinder, HD Video Player, News, Embedded Audio Player, Concert Dates, Photos, Discography incl. Timeline, Biography and many others.
Your homescreen and all graphic items will be designed according to your wishes. In cooperation with Pretty Digits Entertainment Berlin.

Radio Mastering
This mastering option ensures maximum performance of your material in radio or TV airplay.

Small Speaker Mastering
All of our masterings sound good on small speakers. But if you decide to release sth. exclusively on e.g. YouTube, you might be looking for a maximum performance on small speakers like laptops and smartphones. We have attended to this matter and created a mastering format, which perfectly suits this sort of application.
What´s important here is the so-called residual effect, by which the hearing reconstructs the fundamental frequencies (bass) from the overtone structure.

Analog Mixdown / Mixconsulting
At a steady occupancy rate we have continuingly refined our setup, which artists like Steve Bug, Christian Vogel, Âme, Dixon, Redshape, Marco Resmann and Mano Le Tough - among many others - have come to appreciate. Be it drum-tuning, guitaroverdubs or sound-replacement – the whole variety of tools is unfailingly utilized, way beyond the pure qualities of analog mixdowns.