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Calyx Mastering is an established mastering studio that has been serving artists and record companies since 1994.
With five mastering rooms, equipped with selected, custom-tuned gear, implemented in a transparent and flexible setup, we are well prepared for all kinds of source material, ranging from low budget digital productions that need analog warmth, to high-end audiophile material that has to be treated with extraordinary care and minimal interference.
Our mastering equipment and all interconnects are hard-wired and as "audiophile" as you can get.
As a result of several years of ongoing research and development, our mastering rooms combine a client-friendly environment with superb acoustic standards.
The goal is to ensure your satisfaction with both the finished master and your personal experience here at Calyx.
Mastering flat-rates (Online and Premium) offer a clear and simple price structure.

Our canon: Revision until satisfaction – No need for test-masterings.

You pay only one pristine mastering (e.g. for CD).
Any further mastering format (e.g. vinyl, radio etc.) can be derived inside the AudioCube from the first mastering. That way there´s no compromises between the formats – every format obtains the ideal sound.
These edits of the original mastering are considerably cheaper than another mastering.
The costs for the vinyl adaptation of the original master is already included in the
“Vinyl Cut 1:1”.

The entire data of your mastering-session will be saved on our servers for an unlimited amount of time, which proves to be ideal for recompilations, reissues in other formats or in case of data loss.


The cutting setup has been custom-tuned to achieve maximum transparency and dynamic precision: a warm, punchy, airy sound with as little artefacts as possible. The whole signal path has been rebuilt comprising state-of-the-art technology. In combination with the optimised performance of the pitch controller, we achieve an open sound at maximum level.
Every cut, each track, each part of a mix is mastered specifically for its format (12", EP, LP...) and its respective diameter. Tracks on the outer diameter of a 12" record are treated differently than the inner ones. Certain tracks may even have several automation steps to achieve the best possible sound for every part. Test cuts on the various diameters give proof of the settings, which can be fine tuned if necessary.
Vinyl cut flat-rates (Online and Premium) offer a clear and simple price structure.


Regardless of the source (Vinyl, Tape...), we can usually dramatically improve intelligibility and reveal details even in the most challenging recordings. We have worked on material as diverse as archiving back catalogues for publishers and labels, re-issueing jazz archives from analog reels and cleaning up program material stored on 45 and 78 RPM discs.
We use a range of intelligent, state-of-the-art, high resolution processes, allowing very efficient restoration of all kinds of artefacts, as well as disc washing machines and high-end playback gear. Based on the AudioCube system, all restoration tools can be inserted, stacked or moved in the signal chain as desired. They can even be applied with different settings to various parts of the source material.